UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL ART GLASS            Custom Windows and Panels
Inspired by Nature,Celebrating Beauty

Studio 19 is the glass studio of TR Biddle, who is also the webmaster for this site...so, that would be me...

I established the studio as a full time venture in 2009 when I decided to seriously pursue my interest in original work in stained glass as a vocation. I began working with stained glass about 35 years ago, and worked professionally for about ten years as a stained glass craftsman, doing, primarily, repairs and modifications on existing windows.  I did some new work, including a few unremarkable original designs, but that was neither my interest nor focus at that time.  Eventually, I moved on to other employment, but would occasionally make a window or lamp for myself.  Along the way, I also developed an interest gardening and in making ceramic tiles.

In the fall of 2009, I decided I needed to make a window for a room I was remodeling.  I was very surprised as I began working with design ideas to find that I could easily develop original stained glass patterns based on botanical forms, and that were (to me, at least) very satisfying.  As I thought about what I might do, I became excited about the possibly of fusing different pieces of glass and forming it over tile-like ceramic molds.  While glass fusing has become popular in recent years, and glass casting and molding have been used for centuries to produce patterned pieces for incorporation in stained glass windows, the use of fused glass pieces in windows is uncommon, and the formed glass elements used in most windows are mass produced, stock pieces that a window's pattern must be designed to incorporate.

I knew, from my years of experience working with glass, that using the designs I was developing, along with one-or-a-kind fused and formed elements custom made specifically for each pattern, I could produce fine panels that were beautiful, interesting, and distinctive.  Though working this way is very time consuming, I take great pleasure in building panels that are absolutely unique, with craftsmanship and materials that will allow them to endure, brilliant and colorful, for centuries.