My focus is the creation of windows and panels that interest me and allow the inclusion of new ways of working with glass.  I incorporate both traditional influences and current trends in glasswork, often blending styles to create a fresh, original look.

My panels are produced with a high degree of attention to detail and a range of techniques beyond that found in most other stained glass work.  I believe that the extra time and effort I place in design, and in selecting, cutting, fusing, slumping, cold working, and plating the glass elements combined in my panels results in finished work that is striking, distinctive, and beautiful.As an artist, I seek inspiration from the beauty of God's creation.  My hope is that the light derived through this inspiration, literally and figuratively, will help illumine the hearts of those who enjoy my work, and influence in them a greater appreciation for the beauty of the world in which we live.  A stained glass panel hanging in a window can be a beautiful thing, but a panel designed and constructed to fill a specific window is much more likely to fulfill its potential, since so many factors affect what one sees when looking at, and perhaps through, a stained glass window.  For instance, the amount and character of the light, both from inside and out, are critical to whether a window will "shine".  Different types of glass can be selected for use in a window depending on how it is lit, and in which light (over the course of a day) its appearance should be optimized.  The desirable degree of transparency is another factor that can be controlled depending upon what there is to see, or obscure, through a window in a given setting.

While it is impossible to capture in a photograph the full impact of stained glass in sunlight, or its dynamic character as the light changes over the course of a day, I hope that the pictures in the Gallery section at least suggest the beauty and excitement of the panels I am making. The Gallery section of our web site features photos of our finished work, including both full and detail images.