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Inspired by Nature,Celebrating Beauty



First and foremost, my work at Studio 19 is inspired and sustained by my faith in God and through the amazing natural beauty of the living things with which He has covered the earth.  With attention and reflection, I find it possible to see beauty and feel inspiration from even the simplest botanical forms.  In fact, many of my designs are derived from rather straightforward photos of plants taken for identification purposes, or plant specimens preserved on herberium sheets.  Old botanical illustrations, primarily intended to exemplify plant characteristics, are also wonderful to use as a basis for design.

I find inspiration, too, in glass itself.  Most of the glass I use is made entirely or partially by hand processes, making each sheet entirely unique.  Even the machine made glasses I use have random charateristics and "flaws" that are distinctive.  The patterns, colors, and textures of the glass I use transform light in spectacular ways.  When I buy glass, I don't use the convenient online ordering system my wholesaler has considerately developed.  I go to their warehouse where they stock over a million square feet of glass, and spend hours looking through hundreds of sheets to select only those that particularly excite me.  I want every sheet, every fragment of glass that I pull from the racks in my studio to speak to my vision. My endeavor with Studio 19 is to blend these inspirations to create works of art in stained glass.

What I do would not be possible without the help and contributions of many others.  The work of early, intrepid botanists, such as those who long ago sailed on the voyages of Captain Cook, has been preserved and made available by the good people at the Missouri Botanical Garden Library, who maintain the Botanicus.org database, as well as other useful resources.  Contemporary botanists (also intrepid) have provided thousands of photos to help identify and catlog plants from around the world to databases such as  Discover Life (many thanks to Thomas Pickering and Graham Wyatt), Oregon Flora Image Project , Hawaiian Native Plant Genera (thank you Gerry Carr), and many others. My thanks to the extremely gracious individuals and institutions that have given me permission to use their copyrighted material in my designs.  

I also appreciate the hard (and often HOT) work of those who make the beautiful glass I use, and the staff at Ed Hoy's International who have assembled an extraordinary palette of materials from which I may choose. Below are links to the manufacturers of the glasses I use, where you can learn more about their glass and how it is made if you are interested.  I especially like the link for Fremont Antique Glass.  In this day, when everybody has a web site, they don't.  The link is to a YouTube video showing a sheet of "antique" glass being made at Fremont, and is a testiment to the preservation of the ancient craft required to produce their spectacular product.  Just seeing the effort that is required to make this glass inspires me to do my very best when I use it!