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Inspired by Nature, Celebrating Beauty



If you like my work - that is, the look, style, and imagery you see in the Gallery photos - I would love to create a panel to fill a window in your home or place of business.  Glass never looks better than when it has been specifically designed and built to fill a particular window.  The light from within a room and from the outside, the view through a window, whether the view from the outside looking in needs to be screened, and other factors all affect how successful a window will be in a given setting.  Then, of course, there are your design and color preferences.


However, unlike many studios, my custom work is not "anything you want".  I like to depend on inspiration as I work, and looking at the Gallery, you can see where inspiration is leading me.  While there is a range in the style of glass I do, most of my panels, including custom commissions, will be recognizably related to the examples you see in the  Gallery.  Ironman in stained glass is pretty cool...but it's not what I do.


If you like my style, we can collaborate to tailor a work of art specifically for your window with consideration for environmental factors and your preferences.  I can present you with design ideas and options that I have a feeling for, and work with you to develop a design that delights us both.  There are lots of wonderfully talented people working in glass studios that are proud to offer finely crafted windows in many different styles, which is great.  However, after much looking, I haven't seen any of them doing work that looks like mine.  So, if you particularly like what I do, think about working with me to make something original and uniquely designed to transform your window and the room in which it is situated.


If you are interested in, or have questions about, doing a custom project with me, please call me: