Custom Windows and Panels
Inspired by Nature, Celebrating Beauty



This gallery consists of a number of photos of several panels and windows. Some of them are simply examples, installed commissions, which is our primary focus, but others are autonomous panels or small studies available for sale.  Available panels include pricing.   Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing an available piece, or commissioning work specifically tailored for your needs.


It is literally impossible to capture the range of light and color in a stained glass panel in a photo. It is not possible to convey how a substantial panel in a window changes the character of a room as it enlivens the light filtering through it. All I can do here is to provide as best I can an impression of how the panel appears in a few different lighting scenarios, and to highlight some of the more interesting aspects of each panel in detail photos. You must use your imagination to visualize how this glass actually glows in the sunlight, and changes throughout the day as the movement of the sun and the passing of the clouds repaint the panel with new light. 


I believe that the most important impression of this work is the first one reacts on first seeing the whole panel. Regardless of what there is to like in the details, the whole must appeal to one first and foremost. But, if someone is drawn to one of my panels, I don't want them to be disappointed as they look more closely. I want my glass work to be like my garden ... striking from a distance, lovely to survey, but perhaps most appreciated as one walks through it and enjoys the beauty and unique character of the individual plants that have been brought together to make it.


When building my panels, time and attention have been lavished on careful selection of some of the most beautiful glass available. Most of the glass I use is manufactured by hand, each sheet unlike any other. When just the right glass couldn't be found, I've attempted to create it, fusing, molding, grinding, and polishing until I was satisfied I had what I needed. So if, as you look at the panels in the Gallery, you see one that appeals to you, I invite you, please, to look closely. Clicking on the individual photos will download larger versions of the image, and clicking again zooms in even closer on most photos. You should be able to see as much detail as you might wish, and imagine how they might sparkle and glow in the light.


Price information for each panel that is available for sale is included in the Gallery.